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# Welcome to Jupyter!
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This repo contains an introduction to [Jupyter]( and [IPython](
Outline of some basics:
* [Notebook Basics](../examples/Notebook/Notebook%20Basics.ipynb)
* [IPython - beyond plain python](../examples/IPython%20Kernel/Beyond%20Plain%20Python.ipynb)
* [Markdown Cells](../examples/Notebook/Working%20With%20Markdown%20Cells.ipynb)
* [Rich Display System](../examples/IPython%20Kernel/Rich%20Output.ipynb)
* [Custom Display logic](../examples/IPython%20Kernel/Custom%20Display%20Logic.ipynb)
* [Running a Secure Public Notebook Server](../examples/Notebook/Running%20the%20Notebook%20Server.ipynb#Securing-the-notebook-server)
* [How Jupyter works](../examples/Notebook/Multiple%20Languages%2C%20Frontends.ipynb) to run code in different languages.
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You can also get this tutorial and run it on your laptop:
git clone
Install IPython and Jupyter:
with [conda](
conda install ipython jupyter
with pip:
# first, always upgrade pip!
pip install --upgrade pip
pip install --upgrade ipython jupyter
Start the notebook in the tutorial directory:
cd ipython-in-depth
jupyter notebook
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