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# Homework 9
### For working with a partner
Please have only one of you submit your git repo. Make sure to include both your names at the top of your files.
Please work with someone on this assignment. Group work is what Git was made for and it's a good experience. It also makes the assignment a lot easier. It also makes it A LOT easier for me to grade.
Assignment is posted on canvas!
### Some helpful tips:
1) 2 space indents for your indentation scheme.
2) Use constants for numbers that are important and won't change.
e.g. my_int % 2 for testing if a number is even is not important (don't need a const for 2)
3) Read all the instructions on the assignment page. Once you think you know everything, check again!
4) Make sure to test your code.
5) Don't submit your code late! If you do, make sure you're familiar with the late policy. I will be sticking to it strictly.
6) I will be leaving a comments.txt file in your repository with comments and a breakdown of the points taken away for everything wrong (if anything :) ).
### Git Help
Some of you may not be familiar with git still, so here are the basic steps:
* Clone the repo using the "clone/download" and copy the link in the HTTPS box.
* Create a cs1570 folder in your SDRIVE if you don't have one already: mkdir cs1570 and cd cs1570 so you're inside the folder.
* git clone the-link-you-copied
* This should create a folder called 2021-FS-CS1570-hwX. You can now cd into that folder.
* Whenever you create a new file git will track your changes and you can add your file to the repo by doing git add filename.ext
* Now we can "commit" our file! You need to add a message with your commit to briefly explain what your changes are. git commit -m "I made a file with my name in it!". The message will show up in your git repo, so be careful of what you write.
* Finally you can "push" your changes to the git repo! git push is all you need to do, it'll ask you to login with your info so once you login you'll be done.
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